A comprehensive set of consulting services

Everything from agile project management to great quality software deployed to the cloud.

Agile Project Management

Guaranteeing you hit your deadlines whilst achieving a minimum viable product whilst using Agile methodologies such as SCRUM or Kanban. JIRA a very effective tool for monitoring your progress and tacklings problems early on in your delivery cycle.

Software Development

Software development using great technologies like C#, AspNet Core and AngularJs. We also do build automation, so your product will be tested and automatically deployed, guaranteeing quality and faster delivery.

Architectural Design

Designing the right solution is very important to us. Your requirements could range from implementing basic middleware messaging solutions for connecting your apps, to creating highly scalable software that runs in a serverless architectures in the cloud.

Passionate about crafting great software

We use GitHub for all our projects. We believe it is a great way for collaborating and managing and tracking issues whilst getting the job done. We cannot always share some of the work we do but for a complete list of some of the open source things we are working on please visit the cryosharp organisation.

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